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Luxury girls bedroom design

The infinite love that parents feel towards their children, reflected in cozy and luxurious interiors of the children's rooms by the Luxury Antonovich Design design studio.

Each child, as an adult, it is a unique personality with its own character and the surroundings perception. The design of children's room interiors there is such an important moment as child psychology. Interior designers need to penetrate in the world of children's imaginations, dreams and understand the passions the young owners of the room. Each age requires a special approach to all elements in the interior decor, especially colors scheme.When it comes to the interior of a children's bedroom for children aged 3-6 years, then it is appropriate to very vivid and juicy hues.It is in this age, saturated colors are perceived most harmoniously. To design an interior for a girl child, as a rule, you should select range of pink shades. This color plays first fiddle in 90% of girl's room interiors for the little princesses. Add to this the luxurious canopies with bows and butterflies, silk curtains with beautiful holders, niches in the form of flowers or butterflies, special furniture like a fairytale castle. And the picture of the luxury children's bedroom for the young princess will be expressive, perfect and beautiful.When the interior is created for the boy, the color scheme, respectively, is completely different. It can be bright blue and red hues, a bed in the form of cars, large prints with the image of the child's favorite hobbies.

The interior design of children's room - it is always the creation of the ideal environment for a child.

The interior design of children's room for teens it is a fine line between the interiors for kids and for adults.This age is the most interesting, most complex and most diverse. The child begins to gradually penetrate into adult life. Already there is less time for games. More time should be spent for education. For the interior for teenagers mandatory use of lighter colors scheme, without flashy colors and contrast variants.Moreover, this applies to both interiors for boys and girls. Children's room always becomes a very multidimensional project. After all, here it is necessary to combine the relaxation area, area for sleep and training zone. Undoubtedly, the creation of interior of children's rooms you must trust only to professionals. Antonovich Design Studio offers a very serious and a qualitative approach to the design interiors for kids room. We consider the use of only the finest natural materials and decor items, special lighting norms for a particular age.From all these aspects the health and the harmonious development of your child depend on. Each design project of the children's room from Antonovich Design - this is absolutely unique solutions that will be dedicated only to your child. The interior, which will create the studio designers in Dubai will not only be an ideal environment but also a source of aesthetic beauty, which will contribute to the harmonious development of the child and the formation of good taste.

We with all love and awe creating the interiors for a happy and comfortable childhood!

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