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Modern Living Room Designs in Dubai

Luxury Antonovich Design Studio is becoming a legend in the world of elite interiors. This is a new vision of  classic style, which is complemented by elegant modern lines and subtle touches of oriental style. Luxurious living room designs reflect these trends and new ideas in the best way. This is a unique charm of modern palatial luxury and pride of modern aristocrats.

Each project is unique in its beauty, but still has some common features:

  • Excellent organization of space
  • Improvisation with lighting elements
  • Absolute comfort
  • Aesthetic harmony
  • The perfect combination of colors, textures, and materials

The interiors are created with elegance and passion by true professionals, who have remarkable talents. The thing about creating of living room interiors is that in this room, owners want to express fully their status, understanding of beauty and, of course, warm welcoming atmosphere and hospitality.
One of the main missions is to reflect the warmth and hospitality. And it is possible to do by a comfortable furniture. For years of successful cooperation, our studio has been able to establish a very close relationship with the best furniture factories in the world. And today, we feel greatly honored to fill interiors with luxurious furnishings. And the world's leading brands with pleasure make exclusive furniture according to sketches of our studio designers.
Thus, each project becomes a true masterpiece of the art interior design. In each living room, you feel a perfect mood of the eternal celebration of life. This is a new philosophy of luxury and comfort. In such interiors, an aura of happiness and positive emotions is created. Thanks to new technologies and new ways of lighting an apartment can look just as owners want. From an effect of a bright sunny day to a cozy twilight.

Absolutely all interior solutions are based on our customers' dreams. And even the most daring dreams become reality and acquire features of luxurious interiors.

Luxury Antonovich Design

Luxury Antonovich Design

Luxury Antonovich Design

Luxury Antonovich Design



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