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Landscape design

Luxury Antonovich Design Company creates luxurious gardens and parks for magnificent country estates and villas in the UAE, Africa and countries of Asia, subordinating nature to architecture through a combination of traditional and new technologies in the design of landscape masterpieces. The majestic rigor of English parks, the gorgeous charm of French gardens perspectives, the functional and bold high-tech or the authentic beauty of shady alleys open inmost secrets of beauty and frame the splendor - diamond the manorOver the years of work, the landscape architectural company Luxury Antonovich Design has developed a characteristic artistic author's style in landscape design, the professional approach to the creation of garden design and the excellent quality of execution of orders with the subsequent service of projects in the maintenance, consultations and comprehensive care for each plant species. Creating author's projects of parks and gardens, Katrina Antonovich delicately feels the needs and understands the interests of her clients and their families, focusing on functionality, quality, and impeccable style.

Original landscape design

Every person wants to have a comfortable rest and moral and aesthetic pleasure on his private plot or yard of a private house. For this purpose, our landscape design studio in business. We will help you to implement the most ambitious projects of greening and landscaping. Elite landscape design is worth its cost, so an unusual landscape design is very in demand. For example, it is quite difficult to perform a landscape design on uneven surfaces.

Landscaping of gardens

Elite landscape design of the garden area, park, flower garden makes the space around your cottage or home maximum harmonious, comfortable and cozy. When executing private orders for the original landscape design on a turn-key basis, the specialists of our company strictly observe the order of work. To create beautiful flower beds, as well as planting trees, the soil must be prepared. Fountains, lawns, and drainage should be arranged only after the completion of construction and laying of communications. The very first and basic stage of the implementation of the original design or landscape design is the development of a plan.

Before ordering an elite landscape design, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the portfolio of our company in order to view already completed private projects, as well as to find out how much the design of the private plot will cost.

The original landscape design will be incomplete without the creation of such artificial structures as fountains, alpine slides, gazebos, etc. When developing an elite design of the estate, for the customer, we try to maintain a harmonious unity in the arrangement of different forms in space and their combinations, but at the same time we do not set limits for the client's imagination and strive to fulfill all his wishes. To create a natural original landscape design of the villa, we create balanced compositions of closely related 5 main components: water, land, air masses, flora, and fauna.

Landscape design of cottage

When landscaping a cottage or a private country house, as a rule, one of the important elements of the design of the surrounding territory is a decorative pond. Elite landscape design of pond is a complex and time-consuming process, but our studio will cope professionally and easily with such task. Our qualified specialists will quickly, in an original and high-quality manner cope with the creation of a small pond, a small fountain or a waterfall in your garden. The main stage of the elite project is landscape design. The main direction for modeling is the creation of zones around the house or the center of the site, each of which will carry its functional purpose.

The landscape design from Luxury Antonovich Design is a luxurious frame of an architectural jewel.

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