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Italian chandeliers - the triumph of thoughtfulness and chic

 Lighting from Italy, its traditions, are inextricably linked with the history of Murano island. On this small island in the Venetian lagoon beats the "heart" of the lighting industry of the country. Not all modern Italian lamps and chandeliers look like old chandeliers from blown glass with dozens of horns. However, it was with such a chandelier, made in a small workshop by the hands of a talented artisan, that the beginning of a huge industry began.

Italian chandeliers - the triumph of thoughtfulness and chic

Even companies that currently produce products in the ultra-modern style admit that it is important for them to have the right to be called successors of centuries-old traditions. It's not about marketing treatment: Italian elite lighting fixtures often do not need additional advertising. But the logical connection between small workshops in a medieval city and hundreds of modern factories shows that we are not so far gone from the past, as we sometimes think.

The secrets of the production of masterpieces have long been unraveled, but ceiling lamps, chandeliers, sconces from Italy are still highly valued all over the world. In addition to product design, buyers choose them for their impeccable quality. The sign "100% Made in Italy" is probably one of the most popular national quality certificates in the world. The conditions for obtaining it have been developed by the Institute for the Protection of the Interests of Italian Producers.

Any factory that produces premium class chandeliers from Italy may be located in the country, but not every fulfills the requirements of the certificate. Lighting products must be completely made in Italy, from semi-finished products that have been processed here, only from high-quality natural materials and using industry-standard methods of work.

Italian designers of the twentieth century turned a new page in the traditional for the country industry. Since the 60s, the rapid growth of the popularity of brands, which produced products exclusively in a modern style, began. Italy became the center of a new direction in the history of culture. At the same time, the exclusive chandeliers and lamps made by the new generation of artists liked the public the same way as the models in the style of the classic.

The catalog of chandeliers from Italy was replenished with models based on the rejection of industrial production methods, the fusion of different styles and the decoration of surfaces. In the 80s, the style "Memphis" arose in Milan. Bright colors, catchy forms of the new direction have found their application everywhere. Elite chandeliers from Italy, some models of which present in our online store catalog, have become like "high fashion" items. Only the podium for them was not traditional living rooms, but popular cafes, bars, and clubs, as well as bohemian apartments and chic villas.

Modern designers do not limit themselves in the stylistic framework. Minimalism, high-tech, organic design, pop art is not an Italian invention, but if you need to decorate the interior in one of these styles, then for you many exclusive chandeliers from Italy are suitable for these purposes, whose prices are within reasonable, of well-known brands. The best Italian companies represent products that are born under the influence of fresh cultural ideas and new art.

Italian chandeliers in all languages in any search engine remains in the first positions. Customers from all over the world are ready to overcome any obstacles in order that Italian chandeliers for the kitchen or any other room become part of the interior of their homes. The owners of chic restaurants and hotels in the Arab countries, Hong Kong or Los Angeles choose chandeliers from Italy. In the boutiques of Paris and London, Italian lighting fixtures are as popular as on yachts of Russian, Oriental or American billionaires.

Lighting from Italy is a synonym for success, comfort, prosperity and coziness. Everyone sooner or later faces the need to change the lighting fixtures in the bathroom, bedroom or hallway. First-class lighting fixtures, photos of which can be viewed at any time, do not necessarily fill the space with the golden shine. Their real value manifests itself over the years.

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