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Art of House interior design

Properly made design projects of homes, interiors, exteriors, landscape design and visualization of designed objects and spaces, allow you to see their look before the commencement of construction and finishing works.  To design of the house should be approached with a great responsibility because it is the design of your home and will be the yardstick of the plan further construction, spatial planning, installation sectional garage doors and subsequent decoration.

Design Arts

This designer should have experience in three directions - architecture and engineering, psychology and philosophy, art and sculpture. This art design is subjected not to everyone, but everyone has their own thoughts and imagination, and the designer has to translate those fantasies into reality and implement plans in the interior, and exterior of your home, and landscape.  When you create a landscape design to all requirement you must also add knowledge of botany, it is a must when choosing plants at gardening and decorating the area. It is also necessary to understand the types of automatic doors and gates to match the general style of design.
When designing the interior design of houses, each developer must have a clear understanding of the furniture market, to know the manufacturers and suppliers, study their products, news, and use this knowledge in the preparation of sketches and projects.  It is necessary to give proper recommendations to the customer in the choice of furniture because everyone should be sure that proposed a design project is an original, not only on paper and an electronic carrier but also that it can be implemented without difficulty.  For example, when developing a design project of an interior of the apartment, it is necessary to know the products of local furniture companies and the project must present theirs furniture items.  Luxury interior design,  Creating an exclusive space of a house or apartment can be compared with the production of designer's fashionable dresses. The result is a product that meets the needs of a single person.

Turn your house into a luxurious space of first-class!

The luxury interior design is similar to true art, which requires the availability of talent, outstanding characteristics, skills, and dedication.Our main assistants are perfectionism, pure taste, knowledge of the latest trends in interior fashion, strict adherence to the laws of ergonomics and many years of experience.
Trusting our studio the design of your home, you will not only converts each room into a cozy space of first-class but also will acquire like-minded friends, to help you create the interior of your dreams.

7 reasons to order interior design in our studio

1. We have a great experience.
2. We do not use ready-made templates and projects and offer only the individual approach because all our customers are unique.
3.We do not impose your vision of the future of the space because we value originality and point of view of our customers. We create an alliance of creative people who are working on the implementation of a unique project.
4. The designer personally supervises the implementation of its project on the site.This provides not only the quality but the exact embodiment of the developed concept, the ability to quickly make changes.
6. We have brilliant feedback from major customers and the reputation of a reliable partner, we cherish it.
7. Turning to us, you save yourself from having to solve problems in which you are not an expert. All aspects related to the repair of the premises, the purchase of necessary materials, construction crews control, we incur.
How much are the services of our studio?  We create an exclusive product in a single copy, and it can not be cheap. For each client, we develop an individual project, which is based on its aesthetic and functional preferences, so the price of the interior design is defined separately in each case.  So you can fully appreciate the creativity and possibilities Luxury Antonovich Design Studio, check out the examples of works on the website or come to us, will be happy to a personal meeting.We will make your space exclusive.

House interior design

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