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Fresco - painting on walls and ceiling

Fresco is known to us from antiquity. Many centuries ago, our ancestors with the help of frescoes decorated the walls of palaces, elite houses, cathedrals. To paint the walls or ceilings of the house could only afford representatives of the upper rank of society. For making the frescoes on the wall, labor-consuming, time-consuming technologies were used. Centuries later, everything radically changed.

Frescoes in interior design open great horizons for creativity, because In the house, as a rule, large working surfaces. Hence, these type masterpieces are born. Frescoes of artists of the past can be taken as a basis for painting frescoes. Harmoniously frescoes fit in the architecture of the cottage can thanks to the correctly selected colors, the plot and the skill of our artists.

Today, manufacturers provide a wide choice of finishing materials. However, even the best wallpapers cannot be compared with modern artificial plasters and paints for designer interior decor. These new materials are becoming more popular every day. In the repair and decoration of modern interiors are increasingly used decorative textured plasters, complemented by all sorts of paints and designer paintings.

Decorative plaster is a wide range of coatings, which differ in color, texture, and method of application. The most important thing is that, despite all its modernity and innumerable variations and combinations, decorative plaster is one of the most durable materials, differing in both beauty and durability. The ability of decorative plaster to successfully fit into any interior design solution and complement it with its extraordinary appearance is truly unique.

Artistic painting of walls and ceilings – frescoes

We offer to your attention the artistic painting of walls and ceilings in the style of "fresco". Today, this kind of decoration is considered the most popular in the modern interior design of premises. Frescos can be both exclusive, and copies of the murals on walls painted at different times. It all depends on your choice and the idea of the designer, whose challenge is to emphasize the coloring of the interior with the help of modern frescoes.

Today, the fresco, that is, the art painting on the plaster is performed by the "Fresco-secco" method - the pattern is applied to the dried plaster. An important feature of the fresco painting is its durability and original pictorial texture. This allows you to use the technique of the fresco not only for interior decoration of walls, but also paint the facades of buildings with frescoes.

Despite the fact that the fresco is one of the oldest kinds of decor, it is very popular today. In addition, given the capabilities of modern technology, today the fresco can look like modern paintings, and as an imitation of ancient works.

To order a fresco at the studio Luxury Antonovich Design

1. Our experts will help you to choose the sketch of the image. For this purpose, an original motive, a unique artistic image will be specially designed for you. Either your choice can stop on a fragment of any picture, as a classic, and avant-garde.

2. Creating a panel in the style of the fresco will take no more than two weeks. Having received the order, you can enjoy such kind of artistic painting of walls, like a fresco, not only by yourself but also together with your relatives and friends.

Fresco will create a good mood and unique design of your home!

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