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Family Logo Design

Elite design by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio  goes far beyond the interior creation. Our customers always receive services at the highest level. And part of the elite home creation is the family logo design. We design the family logo, which reflects the essence of the family traditions of our customers, their status in society and values. Furthermore, we develop personal logo design that reflects the personality. This is an excellent way to keep a history of your family and give a worthy heritage to future generations.

We will create the logo design, which reflects the family foundations, beliefs, and life views.

The heralds of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio will prepare for you some sketches, from which you can select the desired option. Importantly, we reveal the deeper meaning and subtleties of each element of the crest, each curl pattern.

The development of the family logo also includes the creation of a family motto, which will go down in a family history and will be a lucky talisman.

The result is a symbol that will reflect the exciting history in images and will become a true family heirloom for future generations. On the basis of the artist's drawings with your logo, the studio designers develop decorative elements in the interior. For instance, the logo can be a decoration on the marble floor or decoration on a headboard in your bedroom. Our specialists develop unique solutions that are integrated with modern realities. Your logo will be a reflection of your personality.

The logo can be widely used in:

  • Jewellery;
  • Embroidery on clothing and decorative textiles;
  • Dishes;
  • Cars;
  • Furniture inlaid;
  • Interior decor;
  • Personal flag;
  • Objects for personal use.

Home textile embroidered with the family logo, any item (robes, towels, napkins, tea and dinner sets) will create an aristocratic atmosphere in your home. Creation of the family logo by Luxury Antonovich Design is a great opportunity to tell the world about yourself without words. What's more, it is a real heritage that will be passed on from generation to generation.

Family crest design

Family crest design

Family crest design

Family crest design

Family crest design










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