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Design of a gym at home

Increasingly, a special exercising space becomes an indispensable part in our houses and apartments. A home gym is convenient because if you want to exercise, you do not have to go to the other end of the city. The gym at home is always at your service, you can exercising at any time convenient for you, besides, you will not be confused by curious glances. Popular models of training apparatus for home gyms are compact, functional, ideal biomechanics, silent operation, premium design.

Having a gym at home is very convenient - it is a lot of advantages.

  • You can choose the equipment that you need.
  • Comfortable environment.
  • One room for all family members, i.e. Health for the whole family.
  • Hygiene. Only your individual equipment.
  • Personal settings.
  • You can exercise without being embarrassed by prying eyes.
  • The gym at home allows you to exercise when it's convenient for you, and do not waste time in the road traffic.

You can organize a home gym almost in any room: will be enough minimum space. For a small gym will suit area of 4-6 square meters and good ventilation. If possible, it is better to allocate a separate room for it, then it will be more convenient for exercising. Designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design will help to optimally organize the space, and your fitness instructor will tell you which training apparatus are best to choose. The choice of training apparatus and the organization of the home gym space depends on how you intend to exercise and what results you want to achieve. The main goal of sports is to improve health and physical fitness. If you organize a gym in one of the finished rooms, there is no need to perform a large-scale reconstruction - today you can buy special mats that will protect the laminate or parquet from the weight of training apparatus.

A good idea is to install a plasma panel on the wall - firstly, when your watching favorite films and TV shows, time passes imperceptibly and exercising becomes much more fun, and secondly, the TV can be useful for classes accompanied by video lessons from famous instructors. Colors for the design of the gym should be chosen soft, pastel - light gray, cream, white, ivory, blue. Red and orange increase blood pressure (and during exercising it is quite high), and quickly tire, bright yellow lead to overexcitation, dark saturated colors cause sadness and reduce efficiency. It is interesting As studies of psychologists have shown, men are motivated to work by cold pastel shades - gray and blue. Women show the best sports results, working in rooms where the interior is dominated by warm colors - beige, peach, and sand.

By the way, most coaches say that training at home is not inferior to classes in the gym. The secret of success is not a gold card of a fitness club, but perseverance, regularity of training and self-confidence. Doing sports at home can be organized professionally and very effectively, especially if you prefer training apparatuses.

A competent interior design of the home fitness center, by Luxury Antonovich Design, will make your exercisings effective in a beautiful environment.


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