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Child's room Design for girls

Equipping the child's room for a girl - a real pleasure, because here as nowhere else, you can let go prejudices and realize the dream of a fairy tale.

In order to create for your child a perfect interior, Luxury Antonovich Design Studio designers take into consideration all the nuances. At the age of 3-10 years, the child is actively developing their imagination, thinking, and if we talk about the girls - they instinctively seek beauty, and now is the time when you need to educate to them a taste of high-quality beautiful things.

With 3 years begins, as noted by many, the most interesting and wonderful age, when in front of you is no longer a baby, but a cute curious little girl. And that's fine because it's time to do properly a design  of a child's room so that for your daughter,in the room was cozy, fun and comfortable to live and develop skills.

On a note:

• Girl's room, since her early years, should be equipped so that it was easy to maintain order.
• From furniture - only the most necessary, a few cute items (padded stool, mirror with openwork frame , elegant armchair).
• Forget about dark or too bright colors: subtle taste brought up in an environment of neutral tones, complemented by  several accents of natural juicy colors .
• If you want to lay  on the floor carpet with a long fluffy pile, select it  a small size.

Secrets of the children's room design for girl

Define the functional zones

They are important in any child's room because they help to competently to arrange space and use it with maximum advantage. The children's room for a girl should be divided into three main zones: sleeping, working (creative) and a dressing room that has to be taken into consideration in any room, but especially small size.  Allocation of these zones in the room must be based on the following principles: a desk (easel, table games) should be  placed in the bright spot, and ideally at the window; wardrobe, chest of drawers and built-in dressing room - on the opposite side or along the adjacent walls; Bed place in the center of the room, leaning against her headboard or the sidewall to the other wall.

Think the color combinations

Let go a stereotype that girl's room should be framed in pink and all its shades. Monotony quickly bored, and it looks quite strange.  To children's room looked stylish in a long time and without having repeated repair, it is recommended in the design of surfaces to use neutral, natural or pastel colors: light green, cream, beige, Ajvori (or ivory), pale yellow, silver. These colors are the best choice for a child's room for a little girl and will remain relevant after a few years when the child grows up.  If you select the wallpaper, they shall be self-colored with no pattern or with the classic floral pattern or in polka dots or with silhouettes of birds.Against this background, we can safely use other, more saturated colors, different textures and sudden unusual combinations, such as celadon and gold, peach and cobalt, pink and silver gray. 

White as the base of the interior of child rooms for the girls in the future will allow herself to choose a favorite combination of colors for bed linen and curtains, decor and textiles. Bed - it's for a long time period.  From birth to 3 - 3.5 years, children usually sleep in a crib of size 120 x 60 cm. But closer to four years is sure to replace the baby bed to more spacious and comfortable. And if  for a boy preferable restrained shapes and natural colors of wood and metal, the girl's bedroom can be safely called the compositional center of the room, around which is built the rest of the  room.  Bed for a girl should be chosen in such a way that it should serve for quite a long time (an average of up to 10 years, and sometimes longer). The height of the bed may vary, but the basic dimensions must comply with the standard 180 x 90 cm.  The headboard of the girl's bed - it is the most beautiful part: carved, upholstered in beautiful fabric and quilted, painted or openwork, topped by a baldachin and light drape, like an in a  true princess room.

Creation of aesthetic interior

Little girl's room, first of all, we want to make a beautiful, filling it with all sorts of decorative objects, textural materials, and exquisite designs. Do not be afraid to make a child's room is too girlish: use light drapes on the curtains that adorn the walls with flirty images, give a girl a dressing table and soft velvety padded stool. Believe by touching to all this beauty, she will feel happy, and from an early age will develop the soft femininity and kindness.  Growing up, a little girl eager to get her own  "such as my mother"   so the room can be decorated with something like  elegant shelves for shoes or mini chest of drawers for jewelry.

We buy practical things

Think about that in the next few years, the girl's preference about   her room design to change significantly, and the fact that like today, then it will embarrass your daughter. For example, the furniture in the form of cabinets, drawers, chairs better to choose of classic rectangular form, with a minimum of decorative detail, designed in bright colors.  The older girl, the more important it becomes to use more graceful images in textiles and decor, therefore better to buy a small size bright items with cartoon characters - are easier to replace.  We select the lighting fixtures.  Down with the boring and uninteresting lighting, use in  a girl's room sconces with perforation, it is scattering light and casts strange shadows; remember the relevance of floral silhouettes for chandeliers, make a beautiful accent to table lamps.

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