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Children's room design for teenager

The children's room is a special room in the house and its design must correspond not only to security requirements but also to the age of the young owner, his hobbies, and character because it is clear that a teenager needs a completely different environment than a baby. Child's room always becomes a world of his own fantasies and dreams, therefore, considering it, the design of the children's room for the boy, or the interior design of the living room, the first thing you need to ask the child about what kind of room he want, what scenes, colors, and furniture he wants.

Cozy and modern design of the children's room by Luxury Antonovich Design

Designers, in each solution, want to embody own unrealized childhood dreams, considering all the hobbies of the child. When a young athlete dreams about the gym, the room will be devoted to this subject. A child in such a room will spend time with joy. It should be also taken into account another useful point, this is that boys are much more active and more mobile than girls, although they play the same games. If the girls are delighted with the room for a little princess, then for the boy, the jungle or a deck of a pirate ship is much more attractive. Therefore, to clutter the room with furniture is not a good idea - in the priority spaciousness, functionality and no frills. Furniture is better suited as convenient and functional as possible so that you can expand the playing area if necessary. After all, children's room design is also unique, because here coexist a playroom, a bedroom, and a study room, so zoning should be clearly outlined, but, at the same time, there must be a possibility of transforming the space.

The furniture market offers a huge selection for a children's room. We offer furniture from quality and environmentally friendly materials.

After choosing the design theme, you can think about the color solution of the room. The classical color scheme of the boy's room is all shades of blue. Such a palette helps to relieve physical and moral tension, relaxes and creates a sense of safety. It is also believed that blue color influences the development of creative thinking, but you should keep in mind that a large amount of it will make the room cold and strict, so "inclusions" of bright and warm shades within reasonable limits are only welcome. By the same principle choose furniture that would decorate the design of the bathroom combined with the toilet because here there also needs a special approach.

A couch as a bed, a wardrobe, mobile shelves for toys, a computer desk with compartments for all computer equipment, books, and personal belongings, chairs - that's the minimum set necessary for the boy. And do not forget about the sports corner - at least minimum of sports equipment should be present, for example, punching bag, because your baby needs to spill out energy somewhere, at the same time, for health it will be of great benefit. The interior should be comfortable and functional. Do not forget about the aesthetic properties of the room: it must be cozy, original and beautiful. Whatever option you choose when arranging a room, pay attention to the following factors: Room size: the smaller the child's room, the more functional the furniture should be in the room. Illumination of the room: the darker the room, the more attention should be given to light colors in the design, as well as mirror and glass surfaces.

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