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Best house layout 3d design

Luxury interiors from Katrina Antonovich, as an artwork of  outstanding artist, are different from the typical, by exclusivity and using the highest quality materials.

Katrina Antonovich best design

From the  first look, it is impossible not to notice the uniqueness and thoughtfulness of each item, that perfectly complements the overall picture. Made with fine artistic taste, luxurious interior will impress connoisseurs of high aesthetics. Her fans are people who prefer the beauty and perfection of style.
If you are one of them and dreaming about the interior of extra class in your home, you come to right place. Talented designers Luxury Antonovich Design Studio will transform into reality all your fantasies, giving your apartment the perfect look that will blend in with the features of the premises, and your character traits. For example, the energetic and vivid persons often choose of a cheerful exclusive interior in the style of Art Deco. Sophisticated and romantic personalities will  not stand in front of the elegant classical style. Conservatives like classical interior and chic connoisseurs will like the oriental style.

Because Katrina Antonovich does not build barriers to the flight of your imagination, you can choose any style, mixing them or offer their own incredible idea.

While you remain confident that your idea has been properly construed and will be  implemented in such a way as you want. Ведь, As claimed by many celebrities for whom Katrina Antonovich has created luxury interiors, the designer has not only fine aesthetic taste but also the ability to hear all the client's wishes. Personally discussing with you the details of the project, she happy to translate into reality Your dream.
It is important also that the interior, designed by the creative friendly team, is not only luxurious but also functional. In cooperation with leading manufacturers, the studio uses high-quality materials and reliable furniture, made by individual sketches. Thanks to this interior premium Katrina Antonovich can design for a country house, a restaurant or a hotel, and for a small apartment. Many people think that a small area limits imagination, but believe me, it is not.Thanks to the work of talented designers even a small room can fully perform all the necessary functions while remaining excellent in terms of aesthetics. You will not believe your eyes when you see how comfortable and beautiful can be a top-class interior of your apartment earlier inconspicuous flat. Everyone who enters your home will be pleasantly surprised by perfection and consistency of style, that also give you a lot of pleasure.
For an apartment or cottage, cafe or restaurant, hotel or club, the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio designers are happy to develop a unique interior that not only emphasizes the prestigious status but also to give comfort and convenience to you and to everyone who will be your guest.
Undoubtedly, the main condition for implementing a luxury design projects is a harmonious blend of the magnificent sense of style with unsurpassed quality performance. When developing projects we prefer only natural materials such as leather, fine wood, cotton, natural minerals, furs and so on. Of course, all in the hands of the customer, if you want to diversify and make own adjustments to the process of development and implementation of the Projects, our designers will be happy to such an initiative.

The maximum degree of comfort is an integral feature of a premium design.

To solve this problem using a technique combining different variants of electricity, heating, and lighting. They are in a certain way in certain cases contribute to the convenience and functionality of housing. As part of our individual projects was provided for usage hi-end devices, interior decoration,  different video and audio equipment, and so on.  Highly artistic interior of premium-class and luxury interiors by the International Bureau of the interior architecture Luxury Antonovich Design always have their own image and stylistic trends. Consistent project work with facilities of any complexity, including mansions, residences, penthouses, offices, restaurants, including the landscape, starts with an idea, a concept and individual sketches, drawings, 3D layout of premises.

Best house 3d design

luxury villa interior

exclusive interior decor

gorgeous living room

unique furniture

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