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Best Entrance design

Entrance design becomes the beginning of every interior story, both in the design of living premises and in the design of public interiors. It is this part of the space that becomes the first moment, thanks to which the proper first impression of the house, the status of the owner, the type of activity of the company and, of course, the overall design of the concept is formed. That is why the designers of the interior studio Luxury Antonovich Design pay special attention to the hall interior design. If in general, the interior is a reflection of the character of the owner of the house, then the interior of the hall, like the first acquaintance. It is kind of business card of the whole home. All design decisions are based on a general interior concept, the size of the hall space and its configuration.

Best Entrance design

If we are talking about a small area premise, then here would be especially relevant mirrors in the decor of the walls, a light range of colors and well thought out lighting. In such rooms are perfectly fit sliding cabinets. The designer's task is to maximally conceal all household items and, at the same time, create a beautiful and artistically expressive image. Also, in the interior of small hall, zoning of space, which is made with the help of wall and floor decor, is of great importance. Excellent can visually expands small hall large ceramic tiles, which are different in size and laid diagonally This effect can be obtained by laying a parquet or a laminate diagonally. The design of the hall in the apartment can be supplemented with small poufs or a small ottoman. A great popularity in modern interiors is acquired the vertical greening of the walls. Such a fragment of living plants would fill the interior in any style with a pleasant sensation of natural warmth.

The design of the hall in the house opens up great opportunities for the creativity of designers. In such a space, you can harmoniously fit all the necessary furniture without too much loading the interior. If we talk about the decor of the floors of a large hall, the most popular material in elite interiors becomes natural marble. This material is particularly practical and durable. In addition, a luxurious floor made of natural marble with carved patterns will become a real gem in the overall beauty of your interior. The design of the hall in the classical style will undoubtedly be decorated with stucco decor. Very often in this style, the interior is supplemented by bas-reliefs and art paintings. It is hall from the first seconds of being in the house can practically tell everything about its owners. The interior design of the hall in a private house can also be combined with access to an open terrace. In modern interiors in this room more often making a small living area for tea drinking and conversation.

A separate direction in the hall design of a large area is the design of the hall with a staircase. The staircase itself can become the main decoration of not only the hall but the whole house. It can be a marble staircase with a forged balustrade and gilding. And modern ways of lighting will make it even more elegant and beautiful. Interior design of the hall with a staircase requires a special approach to lighting in the interior. In this case, the principle of three-level lighting is applied. It's a staircase backlighting, sconces in the decor of the walls and, a large chandelier on the ceiling. The most beautiful interiors of the hall are always impressive with their luxurious decoration. For example, the ceiling can be decorated with beautiful stained glass, and the walls may be complemented by textile panels.

Virtuously improvising with materials and textures, the designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design create of unique beauty interiors that will not be subject to either times or tastes changes. And every new project becomes a new masterpiece and a pride of the owners of the house or apartment.








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