• 2301 office, 23 fl, Tower 1
    Boulevard Plaza, Dubai 2301
От дизайн-проекта до реализации | производство и комплексная поставка мебели, подбор аксессуаров | EMAAR консалтинг, сопровождение проектов

Amazing Landscape Design


The house includes a windy vibe with the open space, wide doors, and passageways that add to the tropical feel. The whole bundle is stacked up with bespoke furnishings and hardwood pieces that keep up the point. It moreover has a wonderful tropical greenery enclosure and a fountain that you can't resist. Guests can moreover appreciate the supposition of being brought together with nature. The house was worked with the vitality to offer to loosen up to the family. Pick plants that don't swarm spaces. Pick plants that are columnar (constrained and vertical) in nature, for instance, the plants presented beneath, or those that respond well to pruning and trim. Blossoming vines that climb onto stone monuments or some other vertical casing is another strategy for making use of open space. We can best esteem the focal points put into the house. Close to including the gloriousness of tropical-living, the outside zone features broad eating specialties, a mass of rocks, and a colossal fountain. Since the zone is ideal for encouraging get-togethers and gatherings, a can oblige more than 20 people. This front line present-day design won't simply bode well that you've pulled back to a tranquil home yet to a spa resort as well. The property is enveloped by a rich scene and it's astoundingly tropical. 

Katrina Antonovich - Best Landscape Designer


The design has excellent planning where you can take relaxation to commence or end a stimulating day. Next, to completing it with rich supreme necessities, the design was arranged by a scene specialist and was given numerous thoughts, also. With the overall design offering an unencumbered point of view of the outside, it's definitely not hard to feel peaceful and assembled once you go into the house. All this with the initiative of the best designer: Katrina Antonovich. Katrina's work portfolio gives everybody a sneak look at her flawless hands as for the design; each arrangement is all around set and relative, and each errand gives you some comprehension about who and what each space is for. Katrina Antonovich is at the forefront of the new arrangement and headways. A champion among the most captivating piece of her work is the idea of research she puts in. The design company keeps up its worldwide reputation through high arrangement checks, with its artists developing in world gathering tables. The designers of Luxury Antonovich Design are approved and met all necessities to work over the world. It is the idea of work which makes the company the best. It feels just as you are staying at a vacation home yet with the notable mindset of expectation and comfort. 

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